“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of
God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and
also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16 KJV

The Word gospel literally means ‘good news’. Christ set a pattern for the Church in His mission statement (Luke 4:18). He said the reason God anointed Him is so that He can preach the Gospel to the poor…. or preach the GOOD NEWS. The reason is simple, because the Good News is that the poor do not need to remain poor, there is healing for the broken hearted, there is deliverance for the captive, recovery of sight for the blind, Liberty for the oppressed or downtrodden and the favour of God is freely available for all. In Isaiah 61:1, it was a prophecy, in Luke 4:18, it found fulfilment and became good news.

Paul in his epistle to the Romans declared that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because the Gospel releases the power of God unto salvation. This is indeed good news, as long as you believe. In fact it is so straightforward you will need someone to complicate it for you. I
often wonder why we have complicated what God has made simple.

Unlike Prophecy that requires some conditions for fulfilment, News talks about what has already happened, the Gospel means the good things that were prophesied or talked about in the Old Testament has already happened. The Old Testament spoke of the coming of Christ and release
from the bondage of evil, but the Gospel or the Good News is that He came 2000 years ago and did exactly that. We need to start living the life. There is no need to wait any longer; it is no longer in the prophetic, but in the reality of here and now. We need to believe the prison gate is open, the prison officers no longer have the right to keep us in bondage, and the day has come to walk out. The believing aspect is the simplest but also the hardest part, because it challenges you to respond to this Good News.

This Good News releases the power of God for salvation. The Greek word translated salvation or save, (soteria or sozo), means more than forgiveness of sin. It also means healing or to make whole, freedom from demonic oppression and freedom from material lack. So in reality no one, not even the devil has the right to threaten you with any of these.
The Good News is that you are freed, but you need to believe it to walk free.

The Holy Spirit anoints us to preach the Gospel and release its content, which is the power of God. The word translated as power here is Dunamis, that is power to overcome, to change circumstances or bring the miraculous to come to bear. Acts 10:38 says ‘God anointed Christ with
the Holy Spirit and power’, the result was He went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil, just like it says in Luke 4:18. It is easy to recognise when the Gospel is preached because it will release its content, which is the Power of God and that, will produce liberty.

No matter how spiritual it sounds, if it leads to condemnation then it is not the Gospel. We are only anointed to preach the good news so that men can experience salvation in all its dimensions and ramifications. The world needs the Gospel so that burdens can be lifted off shoulders and yoke removed and destroyed from the necks of those who believe. That is the Gospel, that is good news, the difference is crystal clear.

Revd Dr. Femi Idowu

Lead Pastor, NCC StrongNation

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