“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Revelation 4:11 KJV

The Three most important Priorities in Life : Fellowship, Purpose and Provision. 

Our time on this side of eternity is finite and instinctively everyone of us would like to make it count. The question is how to prioritise our numerous list of demands so that we make the best use of resources. In this age of electronic social media, there is no shortage of advice from experts. Motivational gurus pump their stuff through every device we own. There are numerous books that claim to know the answer, spouting different philosophies . I believe if we get this right, every other thing will fall into place . Like most complex questions, the answer is simple but not necessarily easy to put into practice. To my mind as a teacher, I believe we can boil down these priorities to just three; Fellowship, Purpose and Provision.

As a Christian my perspective as always,  is from the spiritual point of view. After all, we are spirit beings having human experiences and not the other way round . We must always remember that we are spirits, we live in bodies and have souls (Genesis 2:7, James 2:26). This takes things away from the realm of psychology or philosophy back to the immutable word of God.

In my study of the word I have come to realise that the primary reason for our existence is to fellowship with God and bring pleasure to Him, every other thing is secondary (Revelation 4:11). Anything meaningful and of any eternal value takes origin from our fellowship with Him. He had angels way before He created us but the Godhead needed beings in the same class, hence He created us in His image and after His likeness. Until we understand this, we will get the order wrong.

Next to Fellowship in order of importance is Purpose. Until you have a purpose that is bigger than yourself in life, you will be all wrapped up in yourself. Those who are all wrapped up in themselves form a very small package. Purpose makes us realise we need God, we need His fellowship, we need to understand and feel His heart beat. Purpose will keep you on the straight and narrow and you will not plough another man’s farm.

Lastly is Provision, this is the least important, but somehow we have made this king, yet the scripture teaches differently . In reality where the purpose is driven by God, the provision has already been made. When God asked Elijah to call down drought, He already made plans for Elijah’s survival, so there was no need for him to panic. God is never stingy, He will not ask you to fund His projects. Matthew 6:25-31, (my paraphrase) says we waste thoughts when our focus is on provision and we are like people without faith.

This month we would look at Fellowship, Purpose and Provision in that order of importance. The reason why there is so much greed, backstabbing and uncertainty even in the church is because we have misplaced priorities. We don’t always get it right, but we must constantly remind ourselves that the Creator of the whole universe desires our fellowship.  He has gone to great lengths to make this possible. He reconciled us back to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:19). He lives on the inside of us and we have the all sufficient Word, what a great privilege (2Timothy 3:16-17).

So this month as you go about your routine check-in on God constantly, talk to Him, you will be surprised to hear Him speak back. The benefits are tremendous, for starters you will become more sensitive to His voice.

‘Revd. Dr. Femi Idowu

Lead Pastor

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