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A short writeup required —- NCC Strong Nation Stevenage is a part of New Covenant Church. a global ministry birthed by Revd Paul and Kate Jinadu. New Covenant Church has a global presence and NCC StrongNation was birthed out of NCC Edmonton London. Revd Tayo Arowojolu is the conference pastor and for NCC Edmonton. Revd Dr Femi Idowu pioneered…….


Pastor Mrs Enny Idowu

our lead PAstors

Prayers Make Things Happen. Let's Pray Always

PEnny as she is fondly called…….. please provide write up to go here…

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our lead Pastors

The Holy Spirit is Our Friend

Pastor GBenga is out in the marketplace ………..

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Pastor Gbenga Badejo



Pioneer Pastor

Let us raise thinking christians

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A Vibrant WorkForce

A write up to represent the vibrant supporting teams – and maybe a group photo?

We'll Be Happy
to Help!

NCC Strong Nation Stevenage  — 1Barnwell Upper School Hall Barnwell Stevenage SG2 9SW

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